Think back on your past 24 hours. How much time did you spend on your smartphone? Were you mostly texting, reading news, checking Twitter, or were you actually talking to another human? Smartphones are useful in many ways to all of us, and for most of us, they are an integral part of our lives. Smartphones have changed how we check the weather, keep up with our favorite sports teams, research information, communicate, consume media, and so much more. On average, people spend 26% of their smartphone quality-time talking, 20% texting and 9% e-mailing. Social networking takes up 16% of our time, while games and “other” activities account for 8% and 9%, respectively. This is a timeline that records all of the activities that happened on a smartphone within a 24 hour period on Wednesday, November 6th, 2013. This is a student project from Art Center College of Design.

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